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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Pacifist Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Dear Nick,

You are the only person I know that lost a beloved family member in the Vietnam War. Your brother Spike lost his life as a pilot in that awful conflict. You remember him often and by name but especially around Memorial Day. Some years ago, Ann and I went to the black, shiny curved wall Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. and sought out the name of your brother. It was a moving experience for us. He was among the 58,220 American military who died in Vietnam.

On this day I pray for and think of the men and women who died in our wars. I hope they felt like they died as patriots and in service of our country. We are urged to remember them so that they did not die in vain. The Vietnam War and the Korean War earlier sadly were wars of vanity, fear, greed and self-delusion. They were examples of the U.S. government’s self-righteous desire to meddle in other nations’ business. The communism of Russia and China was never but a perceived threat. Both those country’s power was taken up with their own internal problems of famine, poverty and economic failure. So, the mighty U.S. powers sent troops into those tiny countries of Korea and Vietnam to “halt the spread of communism.” The countries were ravaged by bombs and Naplam, millions of civilian and children were killed, thousands of U.S. soldiers and unknown millions of “enemy” soldiers were wiped out. 33,668 American military died in Korea.

The results were divided countries, international tension, bereaved and haunted civilians and the families of the war dead. There were no winners, only death and destruction. Of course, we are proud of the military who served their country and especially those who died.

Today we are at war in Afghanistan and Iraq. There are no figures on the number of the U. S. dead military that I could find.

I remain a patriotic pacifist. I think war never wins anything but death and destruction. Yes, even the Civil War and WW2 could have been prevented by serious negotiations. I want to be part of a movement that is so against war the arrogance of government is curtailed by the fact than many enlightened, loving and caring people will not fight in a war.



Tuesday, May 08, 2018


Anti-Semitism is increasing in posts on Facebook and Twitter. This is an appalling trend. No Christian or human being can justify such speech or behavior. Deep prejudice and hate are acquired and are not natural to our nature. We can erase such horrors from our minds. If one can’t erase them, I suggest therapy.

Being against the Israel’s government’s brutal policies against the Palestinians is not anti-Semitism.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Leonardo Da Vinci
By Walter Isaacson
Simon and Schuster
2017, 599 Pages

Wow, what a book about a genius and a half. The painter of The Last Supperand the Mona Lisasaw himself and an engineer, mathematician, anatomist, physicist and scientist. He noted in a letter, “I also paint.” He lived in Florence, Milan and died in Rome in the 1572. The author describes the cultural and artistic Renaissance life of Italy and also Europe. This book describes his paintings in exquisite detail but not too lengthy. I am not interested much in the sciences, which he explored. Skipping over them was just fine. I could peek in at the drawings of the human body, how light works on water and optical experiments, and then move on to the paintings, which interested me more. It is an expensive book worthy of any serious library. Who knows, it might come out in paperback, but I’ll bet your local library has a copy. In fact, you can borrow my copy if you promise to return it.